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  • Biographical Description

  • Carl A. Raschke, Ph.D. Harvard University, has wide-ranging interests and engagements. He is the author of numerous books and hundreds of articles on topics ranging from postmodernism to popular religion and culture to technology and society. His best-known work, Painted Black (HarperCollins, 1991), surveys the relationship between certain religious cults and violence in contemporary society. His book The Interruption of Eternity (Nelson-Hall, 1980), is regarded as a standard reference work on the origins of the New Age movement. His most recent books include The Next Reformation (Baker Books, 2004), The Digital Revolution and the Coming of the Postmodern University (Routledge, 2002), Fire and Roses: Postmodernity and the Thought of the Body (State University of New York, 1995) and The Engendering God (Westminster, 1995), which deals with feminist strains in early Christianity. Dr. Raschke is also past-president and former executive director of the American Association for the Advancement of Core Across the Curriculum and past-director of the University of Denver's Humanities Institute; he has also served on national committees of the American Academy of Religion. He is co-founder and senior editor of The Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory and has been involved heavily in recent years in the development of national online learning initiatives, including the Syllabus Institute.
  • Contact Information

  • Professor of Religious Studies and Chair of the Department Department of Religious Studies Sturm Hall 166 University of Denver Denver CO 80208 ----------------------------------- Tel. 303 871-3206 FAX 303 871-2750 Email:
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  • Research

  • Carl Raschke's research interests run the gamut from contemporary religious movements to digital media and higher education. Currently his major interests involve religion and globalization as well as religion in American public life. His last book The Next Reformation (Baker Boosk, 2004) looks at contemporary evangelical Christianity and the way in which it has absorbed, or been absorbed by, the philosophical movement known as "postmodernism". A new book entitled GloboChrist on the new global Christianity is due out with Baker in early 2008. He is working on completion of a manuscript entitled Indian Territory: Religious Theory After Postmodernism.
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    P7160059.JPG Carl Raschke at Fort Washington in NYC
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    12.jpg Carl Raschke at The Underground

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