• Funding

  • This project is paid for in part by a State Historical Fund grant from History Colorado, the Colorado Historical Society. The contents and opinions contained herein do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of History Colorado, the Colorado Historical Society.

    Other funding sources include the following:

    The Humanities Institute Research and Travel Grant: University of Denver Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

    The Karen S. Greiner Endowment: The Anthropology Department at Colorado State University

    The Alice Hamilton Scholarship: Colorado Archaeological Society

  • Crew Volunteers

  • The hardest working crew I've met. Long days in scorching heat. Without these people this research would not have been possible - at least not to this extent!

    University of Denver Graduate Students:

    - Lauren Couey
    - Jeremy Haas
    - Paul Swader

    University of Denver Undergraduate Students:

    - Kevin Davis
    - Cyndal Groskopf

    University of Northern Colorado:

    - Virginia Ogg


    - Tim Dodson
    - Kara Allison

  • Advisor

  • I would like to give a special thanks to my advisor Dr. Bonnie Clark for guiding me through my research design and for helping me secure the necessary funding which helps to make this project possible. Information on Dr. Clark's research regarding the Japanese Interment Camp, Amache, can be found here.
  • Fieldwork Equipment

  • Dr. Larry Conyers: Ground-penetrating radar equipment

    University of Denver Department of Anthropology: Total station and excavation equipment

    University of Denver Department of Geography: Trimble GeoXH GPS

    University of Northern Colorado Department of Anthroplogy and the National Science Foundation: Bartington Magnetometer

  • Archival Research Support

  • Trinidad History Museum - Paula Manini

    History Colorado - Keith Schrum

    Denver Public Library (Western History and Geneaology Department) - Wendel Cox

    National Archives and Records Administration - Rocky Mountain Branch

    National Archives and Records Administration - National Archives II

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