• Biographical Description

  • I am currently a master's student in the Anthropology Department at the University of Denver and my concentration is in archaeology.  I have completed my first year of coursework and am conducting my thesis fieldwork this August. I obtained my Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science at the State University of New York (SUNY) College at Potsdam where I majored in archaeological studies and business administration.  My experience comes from employment at the New York State Museum, where I conducted laboratory and field work, as well as the Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands at Colorado State University, where I worked at Fort Drum, NY specializing in cultural resource management.  I have also been a teaching assistant for SUNY Potsdam's archaeological field school in the Adirondacks.   

  • Camp Trinidad Research Project

  • The research for my thesis is on the World War II German prisoner of war camp outside Trinidad, CO.  The Trinidad Internment Camp was in operation from 1943-1946 and housed over 3,000 German POWs.  Most of the history on WWII POW camps in the U.S. is a result of the work of historians and only a handful of archaeologists; one of my goals is to add to the dearth of archaeological research that has been done on these camps.  During July and August 2013, I will survey and assess the archaeological integrity of the site, while attempting to answer questions regarding the daily life of the prisoners.  I am interested in determining how the Germans negotiated their time in prison through strategies of negotiation such as coping, survival, and exchange.  Specifically, I will seek evidence of landscape modifications such as gardens and recreation fields, in addition to landscape and building improvements.  Through looking at the camp in this aspect, I can understand how the Germans negotiated and possibly improved their carceral environment.

    Here is a link to my completed thesis (June 2016)

  • Camp Trinidad Publicity

  • The Chronicle-News wrote an article after attending public day, which can be found here
  • In June I gave a talk with the help of the Trinidad History Museum and the Trinidad State Junior College. I spoke about the work I plan on doing there this summer. The Chronicle-News wrote an article on the talk which can be found here
  • Photos

  • Some Photos of Camp Trinidad Today
  • August 2013 fieldwork
  • Contact Information

  • For more information on the archaeology of Camp Trinidad, please contact me.

    e-mail:  chris.morine@alumni.du.edu

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