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  • Composition Department Chair
    Lamont School of Music
    University of Denver
    2344 E. Iliff Avenue
    Denver, CO 80208 USA

    Phone: 1.303.871.6983
    Fax: 1.303.871.3118


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  • • Five of my scores now are available from Chester Music.


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  • excerpts

  • I post different excerpts from time to time.

  • from Strange Attractors, Indeed.mp3
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    From Strange Attractors, Indeed. Alice Rybak, piano, and John Kinzie, percussion.

  • from The Gliding Intervals.mp3
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    From The Gliding Intervals, for Max/MSP and Vocaloid.

    from The Gliding Intervals, by Andrew Gilchrist Haas

    The gliding intervals croon their medley of clicks —
    interrupted on occasion, say, by
    a silver branch on which a dozen birds alight,
    and by symbols which haunt these and other places

  • from Cold Light.mp3
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    From Cold Light, for piano and electronics. Chris Malloy, piano.

  • from Millions of Mischiefs - II. Unguarded Moments.mp3
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    From Millions of Mischiefs, second movement: Unguarded Moments. Jonathan Leathwood, ten-string guitar.

  • from Fantasy in A.mp3
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    From Fantasy in A. Richard von Foerster, cello, and Chris Malloy, piano.

  • from Behind the Scenes.mp3
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    From Behind the Scenes. Pamela Endsley, flute; Abby Raymond, clarinet; Yumi Hwang-Williams, violin; Richard von Foerster, cello; Alice Rybak, piano.

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