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  • Graphic Scores

  • Graphic Scores
  • Film Work

  • Frontier Energy Commercial


  • La Pucelle

    La Pucelle, a visually stunning experimental post-punk retelling of the trial of Joan of Arc, shot on Super16mm by Nicole Esquibel.
    I took the prerecorded text manipulated and matched to video and created the music and sound scape.

  • My Lo Res Life Installation

    My Lo Res Life is a set of short experiments for sound and video. It seems in the digital creation world that there is an arms race. Hardware and software gets faster, more powerful, more complex; source material at an ever increasing resolution. Once the project is finished the original material has often been manipulated to the point of non-recognition and often looks and sounds very low res. We are using new high definition tools to make things look old and low resolution.
    My Low Res Life is a response to said phenomena. All source material was recorded with low resolution devices- my (old) cell phone camera, a cheap hand held field recorder, laptop, etc. These digital files are then separated, recombined- so that the sound and video no longer match, and manipulated in a variety of ways. These can serve as a series of shorts, one long running piece or a multi-channel/ screen installation.

  • Hannah House

    Hannah House Trailer

    I served as Music Director and Composer for Hannah House.

    Set in 1904 a young couple desiring to own land is convinced by a distant cousin to leave their comfortable city life to pursue homesteading in the Nebraska Prairie. A neighbor’s house and land has become vacant and the couple is told they can have it. Possibilities of a new life and future for their unborn child overshadow any questions about what happened to the previous occupants of the house. Based on a true story, this chilling account portrays the hardships and desolation of prairie life as the young family unearths the horrifying details of the house and its past. Hannah House, the feature digital film debut of Denver independent Monkey Angel Studios. Written, directed and produced by brothers Max and Chad Smith, Hannah House is a chilling account of true events experienced by one family living in a cursed home on the Nebraska prairie at the turn of the last century.

    Hannah House – Festival Screenings:

    • Roma Independent Film Festival – Rome, Italy - Feb. 2002
    •  Bluebird Theater – Denver, CO - June 2002
    • Starz Film Center Independent Showcase – Denver, CO – Oct. 2002
    • Denver Dark Arts Fest – Denver, CO June 2003
    • Red Reel Film Festival Denver – Oct. 2003
    • Fitchburg Film Festival – Boston MA – March 2004 “Won - Best Narrative Film”
    • StarFest Denver - April 2004
    • Washington D.C Independent Film Festival – Washington D.C. April 2005 – Headlined Horror Showcase
    • Walnut Room Independent Film Screenings – Denver, CO – Oct 2005
    • Movies on a big screen (Independent Showcase) – Sacramento, CA - April 2007
    • Club Hell – London, England – July 2008

    Hannah House Distribution:

    • Sold US/Canada DVD; Sold non-exclusive US IPVOD and Cable TV VOD;; Sold UK; Sold Russia; Sold Eastern Europe; Sweden.
    • Available at Gigaplex Mobile for iPhone, iTouch, iPad and Droid phones and tablets
    • Available for DVD and VOD Amazon US/ Canada (Oct 2011), Amazon UK
    • Available for streaming Playstation 3 Network - in France, Italy, Spain, Germany – (Dec. 2011)

  • Ringing Landscape

    Fixed media video as part of the Lo-Res Life series.


  • Bowl of Lives

    Bowl of Lives (2005) Arched Brow Productions short about an abused woman who finds herself at a crossroads between her past and her future. After her turn at The Bowl she is soon confronted by something/someone that is all too familiar that will ultimately decide her fate.


    • Premiered at the Blue Bird Theatre, Denver, CO on August 5, 2005.
    • Broadcast on ManiaTV (the late fall of 2005)
    • Massachusetts Public Television (late fall of 2005) in their televised film festival.
    • Kampala Internation Film Festival, Uganda, April 2006. target="_blank"

  • Drawings

  • Drawings

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