• Listening To Students through a Positive Youth Development-Multitiered System of Supports

  • In 2016, I published a book on involving students in implementing school-wide change to better promote students’ strengths. My PYD-MTSS (Multi-tiered system of supports from a positive youth development frame) Model has six phases:

    1. Capacity Building
    2. Identification of Potentiality
    3. Potentiality Analysis
    4. Goal Setting and Plan Development
    5. Implementation and Progress Monitoring
    6. Evaluation and Refinement

    As the book came on the market, our nation was embroiled in a divisive presidential election. It occurred to me that, as a nation, we aren’t doing a very good job of listening to each other; and, specific to my area of work, adults and students’ difficulty listen deeply to each other impedes their ability to work collaboratively. This has led me to recent work in listening.

  • Infusing Student Voice in School Change

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