• PYD-MTSS Model of Change

  • I am strongly committed to a positive psychology, public health model to guide school-wide change and for the practice of school psychology. I believe that it is through systems change that we will be able to affect meaningful outcomes for students and families. Consultation and collaboration at all ecological levels is required to create meaningful, sustained change. My PYD-MTSS (Multi-tiered system of supports from a positive youth development frame) Model has six phases:

    1. Capacity Building
    2. Identification of Potentiality
    3. Potentiality Analysis
    4. Goal Setting and Plan Development
    5. Implementation and Progress Monitoring
    6. Evaluation and Refinement

    This is an active area of research and professional advocacy for me that has resulted in two books and numerous articles and presentations. I consult with schools, districts, and state departments of education about how to affect change in secondary schools.

  • Comprehensive Mental Health Services

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