• Statement of Teaching

  • As an instructor, I seek to co-create with students a classroom space that honors the principles of Inclusive Excellence in which all participants feel inclined to bring their expertise, identities, learning, and experience to bear on the topics we are considering in class. I care deeply about your learning and development as a scholar and practitioner. I have been strongly influenced by Paulo Friere’s work Pedagogy of the Oppressed and bell hooks’s work Teaching to Transgress, and have a desire to create a classroom space that is liberatory, challenging, and inclusive of the diverse experiences, identities, and expertise students bring to the course. I am interested in helping students cultivate the skills, efficacies and expertise necessary for engaging in research and leadership within higher education so that they may enact their roles effectively while dismantling systemic oppression and promoting the public purposes of higher education.

    I do not think of myself as the sole expert in the course or as a sage on the stage. Instead, I view myself as a guide on the side helping to facilitate the learning of those enrolled in the class. I firmly believe that I have as much to learn from students as I have to teach them, and that students have much to teach and learn from one another. In these ways, I view our course as a co-owned and co-created learning experience. I seek and welcome student feedback about how the course is going and incorporate this feedback into the course.

    In 2017, I worked with colleagues around the country to revise the Organization and Governance course I teach to include an intensive focus on how administrations promote or impede campus equity and the public purposes of higher education. Organization and Governance is required in most Higher Education degree programs. Close to 30 scholars were involved in revising the syllabus, and versions of this syllabus are now used around the country.

    I serve on the curriucular development team for the University of Southern California's Equity Institutes where I co-designed two modules that are given to senior administrators of campuses across the country. The first module is entitled Communicating Institutional Progress on Racial Equity Goals and describes strategies for ensuring campus leaders use institutional data to ensure institutional rhetoric for racial equity matches realities for community members. The second module is entitled Understanding and Navigating Identity as Faculty and explores techniques faculty members might use to understand and negotiate their own racial identities while teaching.

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  • Educational Policy Analysis

  • Current Issues in Higher Education

  • Organization and Governance of Higher Education

  • Leadership During Uncertain Times - Examining the Role of Regional Comprehensive Universities

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  • Rankings Systems and Higher Education

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  • Picture drawn by students in Leadership During Uncertain Times: Examining the Role of Open Access Universities. 

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