• Need a Recommendation Letter?

    Please follow these instructions to request a recommendation letter from Prof. C.  This will result in a much better letter on your behalf.

    1.Because this letter comes from the Business Ethics Department, DCB, and DU, Prof. C requires a statement - signed by you and affirmed by two other DU students - affirming that you are a high character person, you do not possess a fake ID and have not done any illegal drugs over the past six months.  Please download and submit the Character Affirmation Form below.

    2. Fill out a recommendation Letter Request Form located below.

    3. Print and attach your resume.

    4. Students must have touched base with me at least three weeks before requesting a letter and preferably more often than that. You do not want me to write you a letter if we have not stayed in touch because it will just be a form letter as I have no idea what you have been up to.

    5. Write your life story in one page

    6. List your top ten priorities (personal and professional)

    7. List the five things that the letter recipient needs to know about you

    You must deliver all of this information IN HARD COPY to my mailbox at least two weeks before the letter is due.  Incomplete files will not be considered.


    Prof. C

  • Letter Request Form

  • Character Affirmation Statement

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