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    • Barb Stuart

      Associate Teaching Professor,  Management Department, Daniels College of Business, University of Denver 


      International project management; design of evaluation systems, recruiting, selection, and training practices; compensation; conflict resolution; improvisation, innovation and creativity in the workplace, employee commitment and engagement and organizational behavior.           

      Biography At-a-Glance

      Barbara Stuart is a professor of management for the Daniels College of Business.  In 1998, she was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to teach Small Group Dynamics and Conflict Resolution at Kazan State University in Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, in the Former Soviet Union. She joined the full time faculty as Lecturer in the Department of Management in  2007.  Barb is experienced as a CEO, President, COO, Senior Program Manager (Pakistan Earthquake Relief), Chief of Party (USAID - Tajikistan) and Chief of Mission, Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation – Kosovo managing multicultural teams and multi-million dollar projects.

       Academic Activities

      Stuart, B. et al (2014).  "Co-constructing corruption’s contexts. Multiple perspectives"  5th Latin American and European Meeting on Organization Studies, Havana, Cuba. Sponsored by the European Group on Organizational Studies.

      Stuart, B., Fukami, C., & Allen, D. (2012). What effect does an expendable workforce business model have on the community?  in the North American Case Research Association Research-in-Progress (“Embryo” Cases) . Boston, MA.

      Stuart, B. (2012). "Jazzy Neurons". Lilly Conference Teaching for Brain-Based Learning.

      Stuart, B. (2012). "Harness Uncertainty With Improvisation Skills" International Management and Development Association, Helsinki, Finland.

      Fellow, Institute for Enterprise Ethics (2011); Fukami, C., Allen, D. & Stuart, B. (2011). Somali Refugees at JBS Swift in Greeley. A case study prepared for the Institute of Enterprise Ethics, Daniels College of Business, University of Denver

      Reviewer, Journal of Management Education, Western Academy of Management,  North American Case Research Conference: Not for Profit Track Chair,  Social Enterprises and Social Responsibility, Marketing and Managing at Home and Abroad and Behaving (OB, OT, HRM) tracks.  Texts: McGraw Hill, Sage and John Wiley & Sons.

      Stuart, B. (2010). When service learning does a disservice. A case study.  Presented in embryo case reviews for the Western Academy of Management Casewriter’s Association Conference. Kona, HI.

      Stuart, B.  (2010). Engaging with difference with the Apple ‘Think Different’ campaign.  Presentation at the OrganizationalBehavior Teaching Society. Alb, N.M. 


      Certificate, Cognitive Science, University of Colorado, Boulder. Institute for Cognitive Science.

      Master’s Degree, Planning and Community Development, University of Colorado, Denver

      Bachelor’s Degree, Political Science, University of Colorado, Denver

      Recognition and Awards:

      2012-2013 Inclusive Excellence Award for Faculty Academic Professional Activities

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