Barry Hughes

Barry Hughes

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    • Welcome to my Home Page.

      From here, you can access a full list of my academic publications, my class-room syllabi, my academic history as well as links to the International Future's (IFs) website.

      My career at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies (formerly GSIS) at the University of Denver (DU) began in 1980. I have worn a number of hats in that time, including that of Vice Provost for Graduate Studies (Graduate Dean) of the university for 9 years. However, the project that has occupied the majority of my academic efforts has been the International Futures (IFs) modeling software platform.

      IFs with Pardee is a thinking tool for our global future. It was developed to assist people who are interested in personal and social choices lying ahead.

      IFs is a computer simulation of global systems for classroom and research use. IFs can be used to teach about or study demographics, economics, food, energy, the environment, and international politics. It is especially suitable for analysis of sustainable development and for examining the human dimensions of global change. Take a tour of the IFs website to learn more about the possibilities of our software and how you can participate in our community.

      I hope you enjoy working with IFs. Please try it or download it.


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