• Summative Assessment

  • Summative assessment is intended to assess student mastery of the learning objectives toward the end of their academic program.  These strategies are designed to capture each student's best work as a demonstration of achievement of program learning objectives.   

  • Zero Credit Courses.docx

    Learn about the practice of instituting a zero-credit course for assessment that is required for graduation.

  • Using Student Portfolios for Program Assessment.

    This presentation provides an overview of the use of portfolios for assessment, as well as web resources and examples.

  • Formative Assessment

  • Formative assessment measures student learning in progress.  At points in the program where students are developing critical skills and knowledge, assessment can inform the faculty about student progress and the effectiveness of the curriculum. 

  • Oral discourse.pdf

    Oral discourse (informal student discussion or interviews) can be used for both summative and formative assessment.  This article is from a newsletter published by the National Resource Center for the First Year Experience and Students in Transition

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