• Assessment Basics

  • An Assessment Primer.docx

  • Assessment 101 Presentation

    Source: DU VideoManager


  • Assessment Guides and Worksheets

  • Assessment Plan worksheet.docx

    This worksheet reflects the elements of the online assessment plan template (at DU Assessment), and is intended to assist programs with the development of their assessment plans.

  • Assessment plan guidelines.docx

    More detailed explanation of the parts of the assessment plan.

  • Annual Assessment Report Worksheet.docx

    This worksheet is provided for faculty use in preparing the annual report. The annual report is submitted online through DU Assessment.

  • Plan and Process evaluation.docx

    This is a self-evaluation tool that identifies the stages of development for assessment programs. 

  • DU Assessment Tutorials and Guides

  • example screen shots.docx

    Some additional guidance for completing the assessment plan in DU Assessment

  • Printable guides for DU Assessment are located in the OTL knowledge base.



    Here is a brief overview of the DU Assessment interface (about 4 min 50 sec)

    Source: DU VideoManager

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