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    The Association of American Universities and Colleges (AAC&U) initiated the Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education (VALUE) project in 2007.  Over a two-year period, AAC&U worked with faculty and educational professionals from over 100 institutions to develop rubrics for the AAC&U essential learning outcomes.   Rubrics were generated in the following areas:

    • Civic Engagement
    • Creative Thinking
    • Critical Thinking
    • Ethical Reasoning
    • Global Learning
    • Information Literacy
    • Inquiry and Analysis
    • Integrative Learning
    • Intercultural Knowledge and Competence
    • Foundations and Skills for Lifelong Learning
    • Oral Communication
    • Problem Solving
    • Quantitative Literacy
    • Reading
    • Teamwork
    • Written Communication
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  • Academic programs are encouraged to use or modify the VALUE rubrics as part of ongoing efforts in undergraduate program assessment.  All 16 rubrics are contained the single file below.

  • All_Rubrics.pdf


    These documents are posted with permission from Assessing Outcomes and Improving Achievement: Tips and Tools for Using Rubrics, edited by Terrel L. Rhodes. Copyright 2010 by the Association of American Colleges and Universities.”


    Please credit any public display or use of the rubrics using the language above. Commercial use of the rubrics requires additional permission from AAC&U.

  • http://www.aacu.org/value/index.cfm 

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