• New Ecology Textbook Released

    Dr. Sher is now the lead author of the tesxtbook series Ecology: Concepts and Applications (McGraw-Hill Education), now in its 9th edition. This edition features hundreds of updates, including over 100 new citations by historically underrepresented scientists.

  • Dr. Sher recognized for contributions in scholarship and advocacy for women scientists

    Dr. Sher  has been awarded both the 2020 DU Distinguished Scholar Award and the Robin Morgan Outstanding Faculty Woman Award (pictured above). She has been the lead of the recently awarded NSF ADVANCE grant, a program to increase hiring, retention, and promotion of women and other underrepresented faculty in STEM.

  • Textbooks by Dr. Sher

  • An Introduction to Conservation Biology, Third Edition, by Anna Sher
    The cover of a textbook featuring a tagged monarch butterfly

    This is an extensively updated version, with a particular emphasis on modern issues and approaches, and diversity at all levels, including the diversity of people who do conservation biology. Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) and impacts on indigenous people is given special attention. For more information (including ordering), see: https://global.oup.com/academic/product/an-introduction-to-conservation-biology-9780197564370?q=anna%20sher&lang=en&cc=us

  • Tamarix book
    Tamarix book

    Dr. Sher and colleague Dr. Martin Quigley have edited the first ever volume devoted to the ecology of the genus Tamarix: A Case Study of Ecological Change in the American West.  It is available on Amazon and directly from Oxford University Press

  • Best Management Practices (BMP) for Revegetation after Tamarisk Removal
    Best Management Practices (BMP) for Revegetation after Tamarisk Removal

    This important guide was published by Denver Botanic Gardens. Printed copies can be purchased from RiversEdge West's online store .  A digital version is also now available free of charge from RiversEdge West. 

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