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  • Currently, I am serving the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics as a Teaching Instructor in the Department of MathematicsIf you are looking for information about my role as Credit Transfer Specialist and need help with your transfer courses, click the "Math Transfer Credit" tab at the top.

    My work at DU has centered around making mathematics knowledge and applications accessible and understandable to students of all sorts. I enjoy teaching courses that access both the useful possibilities that mathematics provides, such as in calculus, and the creative possibilities it inspires, through courses such as my First-year Seminar, "Mathematics Through Fiction" and my Mathematics Foundations Seminar, "Graph Theory in the Real World." I do my best to find ways to connect the content in which these courses begin (even business calculus) to the thinking process and legacies of which my own interest in topology is a part.

    I find it is my duty as an educator and math learner myself to understand how mathematics is learned, understood, and used by students and professionals alike. I have had the privilege to contribute to research and innovation in curriculum development for undergraduates as well as design of professional development for K-8 teachers (through partnership with Morgridge College of Education). My Vitae lists some of those experiences. I have presented/co-presented on efforts in pedagogy at MAA MathFest, regional meetings, campus-wide conferences and workshops, the MSU Teacher-Scholar Forum, and a research poster pre-session at the NCTM annual conference.

    The best aspect of working at an institution of higher learning such as DU is the ability to work in collaboration with others who similarly identify how mathematics and learning contribute to the public good, and how those whose learning we facilitate can find ownership in their knowledge and roles as citizens.

    Outside of my work at DU, I enjoy singing, watching movies, taking walks, and long, deep breaths of appreciation for life.

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  • I am interested in mathematics education and how to support student learning in mathematics. My primary research focus has become scholarship in teaching and learning mathematics. Additionally, my mathematical field of interest is algebraic and geometric topology.

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  • Office: Knudson Hall 102

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    The Department of Mathematics is located in Clarence M. Knudson Hall (CMK), located on the Northeast corner of York and Wesley (next to the garage at the Newman Center for the Performing Arts).

    My summer office hours vary somewhat week to week. If you need to meet with me for class, advising, or transfer credit information, please call my office phone 303.871.2807 or email me.

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