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    Anthropology 3510, Winter 2018

    Tuesday and Friday 12:00-1:50

    Prof. Dean Saitta

    The archaeological study of ancient cities around the world is a booming and controversial area of research. This course will investigate what we know about the nature of the earliest cities in the great original cradles of civilization: Mesopotamia, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Our focus is on how these ancient cities were planned, built, and “lived in” by citizens. We’ll look at the documentary and archaeological evidence that has been used by scholars to reconstruct ancient urban lifeways in particular places. We’ll explore similarities and differences in urban planning and living across this collection of early civilizations. Finally, we’ll consider what these ancient expressions of urbanism can tell us about how we might plan and build cities today and for the future.

    The first seven weeks of the course will be a collective exploration of the archaeological literature that exists for ancient cities, and the various issues facing the contemporary city to which archaeological data might speak. During this time students—either individually or in teams of two—will research a particular city of their choice in much greater depth and with an eye toward addressing one or more of the compelling urban issues identified in class. Weeks eight and nine will be devoted to individual and team reports of research findings, and class discussion. The final research paper will summarize these findings and offer comparisons with the relevant findings of other individuals and teams.

    Banner Photograph: Teotihuacan, Mexico (Wikipedia)

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  • Syllabus, Winter 2018

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  • Week 2: Urban Paradigms, Part I

  • Week 2: Urban Paradigms, Part II

  • Week 3: Catalhoyuk

  • Week 4: Mesopotamian Urbanism

  • Week 4: Indus Valley Urbanism

  • Week 5: Egyptian Urbanism (Amarna)

  • Week 6: Maya Urbanism (Caracol)

  • Week 7: Caral

  • Week 7: Chaco Canyon Urbanism

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