• Biographical Information

    Hi, 你好!

    I'm a Ph.D. candidate from the Morgridge College of Education at the University of Denver. Grew up in southern China (Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province), I finished my undergraduate study at the Hunan University (Changsha City, Hunan Province) and got my master's degree at the University of Missouri- Columbia. I believe an interest in real life problems can lead to passions for exploring knowledge or conducting research. With the background in mathematics and statistics, I would love to understand things from a quantitative perspective. We're living in a world with booming data and we should carefully utilize this to see the pattern of this world.  

    My current interests focus on missing data analysis, data management, and data science. Languages preferred are Python and R. Please find my complete resume here: Resume Yutang Xiong.pdf

    In my spare time, I enjoy traveling (Key West is my favorite vacation site) and cooking (Chinese food is the best). My favorite sport is basketball and I've been a die hard fan of Miami Heat since 2005 (so sad that DWade is out). 





  • Current Work

    You can find me through-

    LinkeIn Homepage    Or      GitHub Repository

    Currently, I'm also working as a full-time staff at the Pardee Center at the University of Denver serving as their Data Operations Manager. If you are interested in research in International Relations, go check it out!

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