• Fall 2013: LIS 4000

  • Foundations of Library, Archival, and Information Science

    Professor: Martin Garnar

  • Disscusing the  professional competencies for the insitution of Archives and the importance of archivist's active education of competencies.

  • Fall 2013: LIS 4015

  • Course Name: User and Access Services

    Professor: Clara Sitter

  • Group Paper: Genealogy Proposal Smithtown Historical Museum and Archives

    A project proposal outlining a unique way a local history archives can support the younger generation of the imaginary town called Smithtown through a geneology researching program with the local highschools.

  • Final Paper: Liturgical, Cultural and Choral Music Library Collection Development Project

    A project proposal to develop public library's music special collections in order to serve the user base seeking to self educate them selves in music proficiency. 

  • Winter 2014: LIS 4010

  • Course Name: Organization of Information

    Professor: Dr. Krystyna K. Matusiak

  • Group project to develop a handout with presentation material  (Prezi link in bibliography) outlining VRA, CDWA Lite, and CCO.

  • A chart to visually demostrate the developed Thesaus about family member's hierarchical relationships.

  • Descriptive records for personal collection of religious icons.

  • A thesarus illustrating the hierarchical relationships of different family members to eventually aid searching in a catalog.

  • Final Paper: Social Media Versus Controlled Vocabulary: Who Will Have The Future Power?

    The paper compares the seaching and browsing aspects of Academic versus enjoyment material in a social media site called LibraryThing versus the Denver Public Library

  • Presentation for Final Paper: Accessible or Reaching For Higher Places?


  • Summer 2014: RMS 4900

  • Course Name: Research Methods and Statistics

    Professor: Ian Burke

  • Winter 2015: LIS 4050

  • Course Name: Library and Information Technologies

    Professor: Shimelis Assefa

  • Group Members: Alyx Campbell, Teresa Wells, & Chelsea Yergens

    This Project was to create a makerspace proposal for the Ross-University Hills Branch of the Denver Public Library. Our project outlines three main topics: Description of the Library, users, and space, description of proposed current and relevant Technology, and Justification of proposed technology. 
    Prezi viewable here:http://prezi.com/l0drtrvzem-j/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share 

  • Winter 2015: LIS 4040

  • Course Name: Management of Info. Organizations

    Professor: Mary Stansbury

  • Analysis of management senerios that have conflict. I disscuss how to approch each situation with best practice managemnt skills.

  • Our group (Teresa Wells, Jen Fisher, Sarah Bogard) created a LSTA Grant Proposal. This was an extensive project done during the quarter. 

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