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    This website provided us more insight into where Colorado Public Schools stand on high school drop out rates compared to the national average. According to the US Department of Education, Colorado ranks 37th in the United States for graduation with a rate of 74 percent, behind the national rate of 78.2 percent as published in the 2013 Building A Grad Nation Report. They then went into some detail about related statistics. For example, Colorado ranks 41st in technology spending. I

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    This website talked about the advantages after school programs have on high school students. For example, it said, Attending afterschool programs can improve students’ academic performance. A national evaluation found that over 40 percent of students attending 21st Century Community Learning Center programs improved their reading and math grades, and that those who attended more regularly were more likely to make gains. In addition, effective afterschool programs can improve behavior in the classroom. Lastly, participation in after school activities can reduce drug use. 

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    This NY Times article discusses that even though lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the country, it is not becoming any more diverse and inclusive. It is regarded as a sport for the well off. 

    Development, Andrew Baker Design and. “Denver City Lax.” Denver City Lax, www.citylaxdenver.org/.

    Referencing the City Lax website was a crucial part of our Stakeholder Analysis. In order to to create the best solution possible to our problem of high drop out rates in Denver schools, we must first analyze what is currently being done to combat this issue. After conducting interviews and doing more research online about City Lax we learned that their approach focuses on eliminating financial barriers, academic guidance, and mentorship. Although our group thinks City Lax is making a difference in underserved communities in Denver, we feel as though they could reach more people by creating a public partnership with the Denver School System

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    This article talks about how lacrosse is continuing to grow. As a result, lacrosse is becoming more accessible to west coast towns such as Denver. 10 years ago, in Colorado, lacrosse was a fraction of the size. For our Solution Design, we decided to use lacrosse as the vessel for this program because of the athletic scholarship opportunities it provides. There are so many schools out there who are looking in different cities across the country for the best talent to play on their team.

    Dropout Prevention and Student Re-Engagement. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.cde.state.co.us/dropoutprevention

    The Office of Dropout Prevention and Student Re-Engagement was launched in 2009 and was created to expand efforts in reducing the dropout rate, increasing the graduation rate and advancing credential attainment. We analyzed their current efforts to determine where they are falling short and how are solution could be effective in areas where the state's program is not. 

    How Does South High School Rank Among America's Best High Schools? (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.usnews.com/education/best-high-schools/colorado/districts/denver-public-schools/south-high-school-4069

    This US News article provided us statistics about South High School. This is where we are launching our program Playing for a Brighter Future. We needed to understand the dynamics at play in order to best meet their needs. 

    Student Mentorship Program. (n.d.). Retrieved November 12, 2018, from https://www.collegevine.com/prepare/mentorship/

    This is an example of an online subscription based mentorship program. It helps students prepare for college. However, this program is lacking because there is no face to face conversations or accountability. 

    Wandrei, K. (2016, September 29). What Are the Effects of High School Students Not Finishing High School? Retrieved from https://education.seattlepi.com/effects-high-school-students-not-finishing-high-school-3118.html

    This website gave us statistics on the lifelong effects of students dropping out of high school. For example, according to a study by the Center for Labor Market Studies, high school dropouts are more than 63 times more likely to be incarcerated than four-year college graduates. 22.6 percent of girls who dropout are single mothers. Lastly, according to a study by the Alliance for Excellent Education, increasing the male high school completion rate by just 5 percent would save the nation $4.9 billion in crime-related expenses.

    (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.bizjournals.com/denver/news/2018/01/18/colorado-graduation-rates-up-slightly-from-last.html

    This article showed that Colorado graduation rates are up slightly in the past decade. However, 26% of students in the Denver Public School System still do not graduate in 4 years. 

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