• Video References

  • Walk Together Children (Do not Swing - We will sing even rhythms)

  • I Need You to Survive - Hezekiah Walker

  • The Negro Speaks of Rivers

  • Guide My Feet

  • Jesus Is a Rock

    Some things to be mindful of when listening to this performance:

    1 - The end of the chorus, the choir sings the wrong rhythm ("A shelter in the time of storm" should end before the beat.) All the times after the 2 verses is correct.

    2 - The verses will be sung by the choir, not a soloist

    3 - They DO sing the end of the verses as we do ("Jesus is a...")

    4 - They are a young group and have a wonderful energy and spirit in the performance of the piece

  • Fix Me, Jesus - Jacqueline Hairston Ensemble (My interpretation will be different)

  • Ella's Song - Sweet Honey in the Rock (The original - Nice reference. Our arrangement is diferent)

  • Hear My Prayer - Moses Hogan Singers

  • Keep your Lamps! - Conducted by the arranger, though with a male chorus. Interesting to hear his interpretation of his work.

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