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    Over the past eight years, I have demonstrated a kiln passion for and acquired relevant work experience in medical research, data analytics, statistical methodologies and education. From promoting the values and contributions of relevant research to the development of sustainable evidence-based protocols, I have been instrumental to shaping national and global health outcomes.

    My four years of creative, solid, and exemplary experience in National Hospital Abuja, spearheading biomedical projects funded by IHVN, USAID and PEPFAR coupled with my passion for and interest in “big data” and research epidemiology appear to have set the tone for my recent career involvements.

    I have demonstrated knowledge and experience in grant’s acquisition and management, basic research methods as well as new trends in data management and evaluation. My extensive work experience in both developed and developing countries have made me significantly familiar with diversity variations and dynamics necessary to deliver exceptional results with ease. I have an outstanding track record of providing ongoing technical support to projects, programs and organizations. I have been consistently recognized for my research technique, interpersonal skill, documentation and administrative abilities. Despite my exceptional academic aptitude, career successes, article publications and merit based scholarships acquired, what defines me as an individual is an insatiable need for learning and relevant research. During the course of my master’s degree, I was selected to be part of the institution’s disaster relief team. I collaborated with national and subnational organizations within the country and overseas; learning from the best as a protégée and mentoring other students. With the multidimensional extent of my career involvement, I maintained a GPA of 3.92 and was awarded a distinction on graduation.

    As a Public Health Scientist with graduate level training and experience in research epidemiology; implementing and evaluating health programs across the United States and West African region, properly researched best practices and standards of care is paramount to the content of my health programs. Reference information for major diseases of public health concern are easily accessible, however, interventions are seldom tailored to the peculiarities of specific population, thus, requiring Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR). I led major research groups on low economic settings showing competences within the language, socio-cultural, political and economic dynamics of the population. I experienced firsthand the melee involved in data procurement and analysis, postulation of inferences, developing recommendations, advocacy, grants acquisition and management. I also witnessed the smiles on the faces of communities after a successful program.

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