• Adjunct Professor (Course Coordinator) / RMIS Doctoral Candidate



    Evidence Based Medicine (EBM)

    Scientific Methodologies (SciMet)

    Evidence for Practice

    Methods for Evaluating Practice and Programs

    Applied Practice Evaluation Research

  • Opportunities; State Human Services Applied Research Practicum (SHARP) Fellowship

    Nine-month graduate-level practicum during which students will:

    ·  Learn about program evaluation and analysis methods in the context of Human Services programs

    ·  Gain practical experience applying research and evaluation techniques

    ·  Complete a research project with a formal written deliverable and presentation

    ·  Actively participate in learning seminars

    Students will also receive a $10,000 stipend. CDHS staff may also work with the successful applicant and their university to help the student earn course credit for their participation as a SHARP Fellow.


    Deadline for applying is April 14, 2019 at 11:59pm

    Electronic copy of application available at (caution: this is case sensitive):  http://bit.ly/SHARPApp 
    Example curriculum (caution: this is case sensitive) http://bit.ly/SHARPExCurr
    Contact: Michael.MartinezSchiferl@state.co.us


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