• Consultant Training

  •  In addition to the support we offer DU students, we provide professional development opportunities for our teaching assistants (consultants) through a training program that introduces them to pedagogy applied to helping students in the sciences.  The two main goals of the professional development we offer is to first, improve the quality of teaching in laboratory classes and in the Science and Engineering center, and second, give teaching assistants the optional opportunity to prepare themselves for a career in science education. 




  • Science and Engineering Center Handbook

  • SELCenterLAhandbook.docx

  • Upcoming Workshops

  • The next workshop for SEC Consultants and GTAs will be:

    Tuesday November 4th @ noon in BW 254

    We are fortunate to have Virginia Pitts teach this workshop.  Virginia has a undergraduate degree in industrial engineering and a PhD in Learning Science.  Virginia has so much knowledge in this area, we are really lucky to learn from her expertise!

    This workshop will be focused on discussing the best practices for giving students feedback.

    This workshop is open to any graduate TA in NSM or Engineering/Computer Science as well as any undergraduate who may be interested.


  • Self Efficacy and Teaching Strategies in SEC

  • Help Center TA Presentation2 .pptx

  • Engaging Students.pdf

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