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  • Conference Keynote Speakers

    Opening Speaker: David Fernández

    David Fernández is a Rare Book Librarian at the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library in the University of Toronto. His work, research, and teaching interests focus on the history of the book and printing and queer books in Latin America. He has curated De monstris: An Exhibition of Monsters and the Wonders of Human Imagination (2018), The Pride of Oscar Wilde (2019), and Illustrating Queerness: Botto, Retana, and Boullet (2020)He is a member of the Bibliographical Society of Canada, SHARP, and the Red Latinoamericana of Cultura Gráfica.

    Closing Speaker: Kaiser Fung 

    Kaiser Fung is a successful leader in data science and advanced analytics. He built and led data teams at SiriusXM and Vimeo, which guided growth strategies across the enterprises through experimentation and data insights. In digital marketing, he spearheaded design and implementation of performance dashboards, marketing attribution models, segmentation and scoring models, A/B testing platforms, marketing clouds, and customer life-cycle models. Previously, he managed the optimization team at [X+1], a pioneering ad tech startup that developed and operated machine-learning algorithms for ad placements and exchanges.
    An expert in data communications, Kaiser has published broadly on Big Data, data science and artificial intelligence in Harvard Business Review, Wired, The Daily Beast, American Scientist, FiveThirtyEight, Slate, Financial Times, and CNN. He is the creator of Junk Charts, a leading blog on data visualization, as well as the author of two best-selling books on statistical thinking, Numbers Rule Your World and Numbersense.
    Kaiser was the founding director of the Applied Analytics program at Columbia University. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, and degrees in statistics and operations research from Cambridge and Princeton Universities.

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