• Madden Museum of Art
    Madden Museum of Art

    John W. Madden, Jr.

    Mr. John W. Madden, Jr., through his company, the John Madden Company, LLC (JMC), developed the majority of the office buildings and cultural facilities in Greenwood Village. This growth continued for decades and still continues today. Most notable developments are the Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre (which was originally designed as a large-scale earth sculpture), the Greenwood Village Athletic Club (which he co-founded and owns with his son J), co-founded the Museum of Outdoor Arts with his daughter Cynthia (located now in Englewood), and the Palazzo Verdi building constructed in 2008 where the Madden Museum is located. As a real-estate developer and the owner of the building, Mr. Madden had the unique opportunity to design the roughly 5,000 square foot art museum to house his then private art collection.

    Seeing the importance of merging the arts and business, Madden founded the Colorado Business Council for the Arts  to encourage business leaders to support community arts and programs. 

  • Location and Directions

    Madden Museum of Art

    6363 S Fiddlers Green Circle 

    Greenwood Village, CO 80111

    Located In the Palazzo Verdi building located directly East of Fiddlers Green Amphitheatre

    Light Rail

    Take the E-or F-line going south and get off at the Arapahoe at Village Center Station. From there, walk West. The Museum is located within the Palazzo Verdi building at 6363 S Fiddlers Green Circle. The entrance is on the North side of the building.  There are possible risks in using public transportation. You can get more information by visiting,  https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/daily-life-coping/usingtransportation

    Driving + Parking Directions

    From the North: From I-25, exit Orchard Road, go east. Take a left on Greenwood Plaza Bvld. heading south. Take a left at S. Fiddler’s Green Circle, and then a right at the next stoplight. The Palazzo Verdi building is straight ahead. Please park in the lot directly west of the building marked "Museum and Restaurant Parking."

  • Palazzo Verdi Building
    Palazzo Verdi Building

    The Atrium

    The Palazzo Verdi building was designed by Fentress Architects to be a mixed used office building with several unique characteristics. The ground floor was designed as a special events venue incorporating a large atrium, an onsite restaurant named Mangia Bevi, and the Madden Museum of Art. The atrium is a grand welcome into the Palazzo Verdi building. It houses three monumental artworks built into its design and a major attraction to art lovers and those looking for a unique event venue. These artworks were all co-commissioned by the Museum of Outdoor Arts (an art venue confounded by John Madden and his daughter Cynthia Madden) and the John Madden Co.

    A three-story mural by Todd Siler titled Ascension spans from the floor to ceiling is made up of overlapping large swatches of brightly colored painted fabric. The work is inspired by the passage, "To see the world in a grain of sand//And a heaven in a wild flower//Hold infinity in the palm of your hand//And eternity in an hour" from William Blake’s poem, Auguries of Innocence.  Siler’s interpretation uses gradation of yellows at the base to dark reds at the ceiling that encourages the visitor’s eye to move upward to the next grand artwork commissioned for the building.

    The 48-foot Chandelier Chardin hangs from the center of the ceiling dropping an astonishing 48-feet. It forms a cylindrical cone made up of antique and contemporary glass by Lonnie Hanzon. LED lights are incorporated into the chandelier that can change colors and be programmed to work with music. A single crystal dangles from the bottom of the chandelier purposely aligned to the center of a 42-foot wide replica of the 13th century Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth installed in the floor. This replica was created in Colorado marble, and hand-cut and installed artist Roger Leitner. The three artworks purposely work together to incorporate the idea of sacred geometry.

    Labyrinth as a means of stress reducer in a COVID-era: FORBES

  • Todd Siler
    Ascension, 2007, installed 2008.
    Mixed media on synthetic canvas, 52'(h) x 18'(w).
    Commissioned by the John Madden Company for the Palazzo Verdi building.
    Lonnie Hanzon (b.1959)
    Chandelier Chardin, 2008
    Monumental glass, LED chandelier and lighting system.
    Commissioned by the John Madden Company for the
    Palazzo Verdi building.
    Roger Leitner (b.1949)
    Colorado marble, 42' (dia).
    Commissioned by by the John Madden Company for the Palazzo Verdi building.
    Top image: Acsention installed
    Bottom image: Acesention in-process on the loor of the artist's studio
    Top image: Chrdin lit up in muilti colors
    Bottom image: The view looking up from directly below it creates an image of a mandala
    Top image: Labyrinth from above
    Bottom image: Labyrinth rendering courtsey of Fentress Architects
  • Palazzo Verdi building atrium. Video produced by the Museum of Outdoor Arts. 2010.

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