• Introduction to Marketing

  • Introduction to Marketing (MKTG 2800) is a hands-on course with an integrated approach to learning the basic fundamentals of marketing. This course also helps student learn skills in business knowledge resourcefulness (BKR) – which includes information literacy, critical thinking, testing, and problem solving. This course  develops a student’s ability to make sound business planning decisions using real information from the external environment and includes making decisions for a real product.




  • Collaborative Innovation

  • Collaborative Innovation is a driving force of change for organizations and markets. It is becoming increasingly clear that the development of novel offerings requires the contributions of multiple stakeholders, including customers. This course explores the collaborative processes that drives value creation and innovation. Students will learn how collaborative innovation can enable the development and enhancmenet of compelling value propositions. They will also utilize a design-thinking approach and work with different types of data sources in developing innovative solutions and designing consumption experiences.

  • Methods of Marketing Research

  • Marketing has become a data-driven discipline. To be effective, marketers must learn to ask good quesitons, gather relevant information, and analyze and interpret data to make evidence-based decisions. MKTG 2930 provides a step-by-step approach to developing marketing research questions and collecting and analyzing market-related data. In addition to learning the basic processes and concepts of marketing research, students will write a research proposal, design surveys, collect data, conduct data analyses using Excel and present results.



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