• About Me

    • I am fascinated by how value is co-created through interactions among firms, customers and other market stakeholders. Thus, my interest in marketing bridges the conventional categories of consumer behavior and strategy. In general, I study how collective efforts to create value contribute to innovation and the (re)formation markets and cultures. In addition, I explore how value emerges through customer experiences, which are influenced by the actions and interactions among multiple stakeholders, and a wide array of socio-historic forces.

      Drawing on these interests, I have published articles in journals such as Marketing Theory, Journal of International Marketing, Industrial Marketing Management, International Journal of Advertising, and European Management Journal. I have also presented papers at a number of marketing and related conferences, for which I was awarded various grants and scholarships in support of my research.

      Importantly, I bring this co-creative approach into the classroom and encourage students to consider a broader perspective of value created through exchange, and the importance of collaboration in markets and marketing.



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