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Matthew Klick

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      I recently defended my doctoral dissertation titled, "Toward Context-Sensitive Statebuilding for Development: State-Local Complementarity in Post-War Guatemala." I now teach on politics and development here at DU and at Colorado College.

      Broadly speaking, my interests include post-conflict peacebuilding and development, statebuilding, poverty reduction and human development. Having said that, I am particularly interested in how policies play out on the ground, and at the local level, or what I call the micro-politics of peacebuilding and development. This requires extensive field work in more remote corners of conflict-affected states and deeply divided societies in an effort to understand how policies derived by central authorities, or maybe even aid agencies from abroad, are implemented or thwarted at the community level, where customs, patronage, or subtle power dynamics either conflict with or compliment development strategies and policies. It is my hope that this work will one day add modest insight into the complexities of poverty reduction, and provide guidance with which to reconsider development policy making that overlooks local political dynamics and conditions.

      Other interests that increasingly dovetail with my academic pursuits include coffee - from drinking and roasting to the role of fincas in governance and development; and mountains - from skiing them and climbing them to the peculiarities of mountain development, where mountain populations experience higher degrees of poverty, a rapidly changing climate and limited state presence.

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    • ISA 2014, Toronto, Canada
      ISA 2014, Toronto, Canada
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