• Museum of Outdoor Art
    The Madden Museum of Art is the sister institution of the Museum of Outdoor Art (MOA). Prior to the succession of the University of Denver at the Madden Museum, the MOA managed the facility and curated the previous exhibition, Inspired by Art: The Building of a Legacy (on view 2015-2019).  Several of the artworks displayed at the Madden Museum are owned by the MOA including a large marble sculpture Hippopotamus by Giovanni Antoniazzi, and two large contemporary reproductions of Sandro Botticelli's Primavera and Birth of Venvus, created by Emilio Martelli.
    Marjorie Park located next door to the Palazzo Verdi building and Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre is MOA’s private park. The park is temporarily CLOSED as they undergo renovations.
    The MOA also owns Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre, one of the largest outdoor entertainment venues in Colorado, and facilitate a range of world-class performances.
    Phone: 303-806-0444
    Indoor Gallery and Headquarters
    1000 Englewood Parkway, Suite 2-230
    Englewood, CO 80110

    Museum of Outdoor Arts

  • Vicki Myhren Gallery
    Shwayder Art Building
    2121 East Asbury Avenue
    Denver, CO 80208
    The Vicki Myhren Gallery is the principal exhibition venue for visual art on the University of Denver campus. Dedicated to interdisciplinary visual arts programming and practice, the VMG is integral to the educational mission of the School of Art and Art History and the University and provides opportunities for engagement with the communities beyond campus. Established in 2001, the gallery is named in honor Victoria H. Myhren, a life-long lover of the visual arts who believes students and communities should have access to vibrant spaces for creative engagement with art and artists.
    Contact us at:
    Email: myhrengallery@gmail.com
    Phone: 303-871-3716
  • Hampden Art Study Center

    The Hampden Art Study Center (HASC) is DU’s first facility designed for the storage, examination and preparation of artworks in an educational setting. It provides a secure climate-controlled space for access to and care of the University Art Collections. Collections management staff, including graduate students of the School of Art and Art History, now have a dedicated and secure workspace in which to research, handle, catalog, photograph and manage DU art holdings. Altogether there are over 3000 cataloged artworks located at the 4,000 square foot HASC.  

    Housed at the HASC includes these spaces:

    • Temperature- and humidity-controlled art storage 
    • Art Collections Project Space
    • Art Examination Seminar Room
    • Photo Studio
    • Prints & Drawings Study

    You can browse the collections at,



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