• The Gift

    In January 2016, the University of Denver was pleased to accept the Madden Collection as a permanent addition to the University’s holdings.  John W. Madden, Jr., developer of the Fiddler's Green campus in Greenwood Village, CO., donated a collection of 133 artworks valued at $10 million to the University of Denver. The Madden Collection at the University of Denver includes artworks by artists ranging from pioneering Western painters Albert Bierstadt and Thomas Moran, to American masters Thomas Hart Benton and Robert Rauschenberg, to contemporary Chinese-born American painter Hung Liu. Reflecting the personal collecting interests of Mr. Madden and his late wife Marjorie, the collection is also rich in outstanding works by Italian painters of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. European works include Italian Impressionists, such as Francesco Gioli and Federico Zandomeneghi, and British master J.M.W. Turner.

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  • Selected works
  • Collection History
    John W. Jr, and Marjorie Madden were avid art collectors and together amassed an impressive and diverse collection. The Madden's collecting philosophy centers around the places they were inspired by in their travels and the relationships they developed with artists. John Madden, with his late wife Marjorie, established the Madden Museum of Art after developing Palazzo Verdi in 2008 to house their vast art collection and share it with the community of Greenwood Village.

    Historic 19th- and Early 20th-Century Art: Together John and Marjorie traveled the world, collecting art that piqued their interest. A favorite destination of the Maddens was Florence where they bought many paintings by late 19th-century Tuscan artists. The Maddens also admired great American artists like Thomas Hart Benton, acquiring their paintings as well. Many of these American works also reveal John Madden's affinity for rural scenes like farming and the working of the land that connected him back to his Nebraska roots.
    Image: Luigi Gioli, Four Oxen, 1890. The Madden Collection at the University of Denver, 2016.1.29.
    Contemporary Art: Many of the works by modern and contemporary artists came directly from the artist themselves or through galleries. The Maddens developed special relationships with many of the artists, like Chen Chi, Robert Rauschenberg (who Mr. Madden calls “Bob”), Wilson Hurley, and local artist, Daniel Sprick, with multiple artworks by each represented in the collection. Where many are collected for their aesthetic appeal, the Maddens more importantly wanted to collect works by artists they knew and who they wanted to support.
    Image: Wilson Hurley, Black Mesa, 2000. The Madden Collection at the University of Denver, 2016.1.35.
    Glass and Sculpture: A portion of the Madden Collection includes sculpture, the majority of which are made from glass. Many of the glass works are vases and were created by a variety of manufacturers and artists, including the Tiffany & Company and Dale Chihuly. There are a few other sculptural works in the collection as well, such as a ceramic life-sized work by Viola Frey and a wooden life-size work by Jim Dine.
    Image: La Verre Francais, Schneider Glassworks. Vase, c.1925. The Madden Collection at the University of Denver, 2016.1.111

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