• Brief Bio

    Lisa Colón is a Doctoral Candidate at the University of Denver, Graduate School of Social Work. They previously earned a BA and MA from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs in psychology. Their research experience began with their admission into the Honors Psychology program during their undergraduate studies that required a research project and a defended thesis. Their Master’s thesis was the creation and validation of an extensive psychological inventory. The Lifetime Sexuality Inventory, with separate male and female versions, measures the development of human sexuality through the lens of childhood experiences. Lisa’s Doctoral research has focused on qualitative methods, which has created a more balanced connection to research for them. Lisa has worked on multiple projects in various roles, including conducting, transcribing, and analyzing interviews.

    Lisa’s research interest at the broadest level is in interrupting cycles of trauma. Within that umbrella, Lisa’s research has incorporated child sexual abuse, the child welfare system as a traumatic experience, and, most recently, the application of historical trauma to Puerto Ricans. Their current research focuses on exploring asthma as a potential outcome of historical trauma for Puerto Ricans and working towards a within groups comparison by looking at sub-populations of Puerto Ricans. Moving forward, Lisa plans to merge their interests in scale development and qualitative research methods to create measures designed explicitly for Puerto Ricans created from qualitative interviews. Current plans for this integration include measures that assess enculturation and historical trauma.

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