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  • In her spare time, Laurier enjoys creating educational videos for her YouTube channel, Old Dirty History (ODH).  ODH started out as a Wordpress blog in 2015, with the purpose of writing about people and events throughout history. In 2018, ODH expanded to a Facebook page with over 4,000 followers. Laurier knew she wanted to eventually transform this concept into a YouTube channel. In August of 2020, she did just that. Laurier's purpose for creating the ODH YouTube channel was to make information equitable in historical topics. Sometimes traditional documentaries and large tomes can make people feel overwhelemed, intimidated, and sometimes downright bored. Educational subhjects, like history, can also feel so unrelabable and; therefore, meaningless. These issues cause a barrier between people seeking non-traditional learning and knowledge. To remedy this issue, ODH adds a modern approach to topics from the past for public consumption. 

  • Henry VIII Series

  • The Life of Henry VIII (Part 1)
  • The Life of Henry VIII (Part2)
  • The Life of Henry VIII (Part 3)
  • The Life of Henry VIII (Part 4)
  • Almost the 1st Black Astronaut: The Story of Ed Dwight
  • The Life of Henry VIII (Part 5)


  • The Life of Henry VIII (Part 6)
  • The Life of Henry VIII (Part 7)
  • The Life of Henry VIII (Part 8)
  • WWII Topic: The Goebbels Children
  • The One Man Elizabeth I Loved but Couldn't Have

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