• Teaching Philosophy

  • My teaching, advising, and mentoring is grounded in the ideals of democracy, the public purposes of education, and developing engaged citizens.  In this way, I strive to foster learning environments where students are active participants and co-designers of their academic experiences.  To achieve these philosophical goals, I foster democratic engagement through dialogue, discussion, collaboration, and community through building relationships within the classroom, the community, and the profession of higher education. I employ pedagogical strategies like service-learning, community-based research, student-faculty partnerships, and other techniques to foster participation by all students.

  • Examples of Courses Taught

    • Introduction to Higher Education
    • Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education
    • Assessment in Higher Education
    • Students and the College Environment 
    • Seminar: Contemporary Issues in Student Affairs and Public Policy
    • Seminar: Civic Engagement in Higher Education


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