• Workshops in Organizational Change, Diversity Management, and Inclusion

    • Librarians as Change Agents: Tapping into Our True Potential through Collaboration with Social Work
    • Improving Team Engagement: A Workshop for Managers
    • Diversity Management in the Library Workforce: A Practical Approach
    • How Inclusive Is Your Library? A Practical Approach for Improving an Inclusive Climate in Your Library
    • Unconscious Bias and Its Role in Hindering Diversity & Inclusion in Libraries
    • Examining Privilege at the Workplace: From Embarrassment to Empowerment
    • The Inclusion of Employees with Disabilities at the Workplace

    Other Workshops (Scholarly communication; Reading practices)

    • Becoming a Published Author
    • Writing for Diversity
    • Reader-Centred Reading Work in Libraries
    • Leisure Reading in Academic Libraries
    • Bibliotherapy for Librarians: Ethical Engagement with Readers Seeking Help
    • Improving Reading Services for Immigrant Readers in Your Library

    Workshops have been delivered in the following libraries and organizations:

    • British Columbia Library Association
    • Brooklyn Public Library
    • Colorado Association of Libraries
    • London Public Library (Ontario)
    • Markham Public Library (Ontario)
    • New York Public Library (Staten Island, the Bronx, Manhattan branches)
    • Ontario Library Association
    • Ryerson University Library (Ontario)
    • Suffolk County Library System (New York)
    • Toronto Public Library
    • University of Toronto, iSchool

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