• RMIS, U of Denver

    Regular Courses

    • LIS4320 “Outreach” (spring 2020)
    • LIS4700 “Working with Readers in Libraries & Beyond” (winter 2020)
    • LIS4000 “Foundations of LIS” (fall 2019)
    • LIS4321 “Collection Management” (fall 2019)
    • LIS4700 “Privilege & Equity” (fall 2019)

    Independent Study Courses

    • LIS4991 “Engaging Diversity Communities” (spring 2020)

    SLIS, U of Alberta

    • LIS 598: “Information & Libraries in the International Context”

    Graduate School of Library & Information Studies (GSLIS), Queens College, NYC

    • LBSCI 701: “Fundamentals of Library and Information Science”
    • LBSCI 702: “Information Sources and Services: General”

    Faculty of Information (iSchool), University of Toronto, Canada

    Regular Courses

    • INF1310H. “Introduction to Reference” [multiple offerings]
    • INF2172H. “Readers’ Advisory: Reference Work and Resources” [multiple offerings]
    • INF2127H. “Collection Development, Evaluation, & Management”
    • INF1005/1006H. “Information Workshop: Reading Maps: Expanding the Reading Experience Beyond the Book”
    • INF1300H. “Foundations in LIS” [multiple offerings]
    • INF2156H “Reading and the Reading Public in North America and around the World” [multiple offerings]
    • INF2125H. “Information and Culture in a Global Context”

    Independent Study Courses

    • INF2010. “Reading Theories and Practices”
    • “Bibliotherapy for Information Professionals”
    • “One-Person Libraries (OPL) and Church Libraries as a Type of OPLs”

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