• List of Relevant Publications by Dr. Dali 

    Dali, Keren. and Caidi, Nadia. (Eds.) Humanizing LIS Education and Practice: Diversity by Design.  Routledge, 2021. 

    Dali, Keren. "Learning about Immigrant and Migrant Readers, Transforming Libraries: Spanish-Speaking Readers in North America." IFLA Journal. (under review)

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  • Current Relevant Online Projects

    Reading Experience Librarianship in World Languages https://readingexperiencelibrarian.wordpress.com/

      • Supervising and curating content creation and maintenance. This website is developed as a professional development and training tool for library staff working with multilingual readers. Ongoing commitment.

    Dali, Keren, Norda Bell, and Zach Valdes. A University of Denver 2020 Faculty Research Fund (FRF) grant for the research project titled: "Diversity and Inclusion in Professional Development for Academic Librarians" ($3,000US)

      • This study, using an online self-administered survey, aims to understand the experiences of academic librarians at diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) professional development events and their effect on participant’s attitudes and work-related practices. The study also gives recommendations for improving DEI events and provides guidance to librarians in choosing future professional development opportunities. This study received ethics approval from the DU IRB; data collection has now been completed and data analysis is underway. It is planned to complete and send out a manuscript for peer review by mid- April. However, it’s not only a research study. Based on this study, training materials for academic librarians on holding impactful DEIA events will be developed; and the workshop for librarians (likely virtual at this point) will be offered. This applied part is also funded by the grant. Both, research and practical parts, provide research, networking, and engagement opportunities for RMIS students

    Dali, Keren. “Mainstreaming Stories from around the World: Reviews of Children’s International Literature in English Translation” – an American Library Association (ALA) Carnegie-Whitney grant. ($5,000US)

      • A shell website is created at (temporary domain): https://kerendali.wixsite.com/globalstoryconnect/programming
      • This grant from the ALA is given for the development of professional resources on under- researched topics in LIS. A $5,000 grant, which I have held in the past once, is a good opportunity to contribute to deficient areas of professional resources and to provide research training opportunities to LIS students and The entirety of the grant, if successful, will go to funding student and alumni research contributions and their conference attendance, with a small allocation for technology support. The outcome of the previous grant (2014) is here: https://bibliotherapyforlibrarians.wordpress.com/

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