• Media Mentions

  •   Teacher's College Record EdLab Vialogue: Dr. Judy Marquez Kiyama discusses research on Latinas' stories of violence and resistance shaping educational opportunities.

      Research Spotlight: Dr. Judy Marquez Kiyama discusses her co-authored book, "Funds of Knowledge in Higher Education".

  • Selected Refereed Journal Articles

  •   Ramos, D., Kiyama, J.M., & Harper, C. (2017). Controlling images: Institutional stereotpes of engagement of low-income families, first-generation families, and families of color. The Journal Commited to Social Change on Race and Ethnicity, 3(1), 126-158.

      Kiyama, J.M. (2017). "We're serious about our education": A collective testimonio from college-going Latinas to college personnel. Journal of Hispanic Higher Education, 1-15. DOI: 10.1177/1538192717709583

      Kiyama, J.M, Harris, D.M., & Dache-Gerbino, A. (2016). Fighting for respeto: Latinas’ stories of violence and resistance shaping educational opportunities. Teachers College Record, 118, 1-50.

      Kiyama, J.M, Lee, J.J. & Rhoades, G. (2012). A critical agency network model for building an integrated outreach program. The Journal of Higher Education, 83(2), 276-303. 

      Rios-Aguilar, C., Kiyama, J.M., Gravitt, M. & Moll, L.C. (2011). Funds of knowledge for the poor and forms of capital for the rich?: A Capital approach to examining funds of knowledge. Theory and Research in Education, 9(2), 163-184.

      Kiyama, J.M. (2010). College aspirations and limitations: The role of educational ideologies and funds of knowledge in Mexican American families. American Educational Research Journal, 47(2), 330-356.

  • Book Chapters

  •  Clark-Taylor, A., Sarrubi, M., Kiyama, J. M., Watermna, S. (invited, in press). Modeling, mentorin, and pedagogy. Cultivating public scholars. In A. Kzar & J. Drivalas (Eds.) Evnsioning Public Scholarship: Models to Expand the Scope of Higher Education Research. Stylus Publishing.

     Kiyama, J. M., Harper, C. E., & Ramos, D. (invited, in press). First-generation students and their families: Institutional responsibility during college access and transition. In A. C. Rondini, B. Richards-Dowden, & Nicolas Simon (Eds.) Clearing the Path: Qualitative Studies of the Experience of First-Generation College Students. Lexington Press.  

      Kiyama, J.M., Museus, S.D., & Vega, B. (2015). Cultivating campus environments to maximize success among Latino and Latina college students. In M. Freeman & M. Martinez (Eds.) College Completion for Latino/a Students: Institutional and System Approaches. New Directions in Higher Education. Jossey-Bass. 2015(172), pp. 29-38.

      Harris, D.M. & Kiyama, J.M. (2015). Making visible the invisible: Latina/o students’ insights about the barriers and resources to high school persistence. In Y. Medina & A.D. Macaya (Eds.) Latinos on the East Coast. A Critical Reader. Peter Lang.

      Guiffrida, D.A., Kiyama J.M., Waterman, S.J, & Museus, S.D. (2012). Moving from cultures of individualism to cultures of collectivism to serve college students of color. In S.D. Museus & U.M. Jayakumar (Eds.) Creating Campus Cultures that Foster Success Among Racially Diverse Student Populations. Routledge.

  • Recent Scholarly Presentations

  •   Mariscal, J., Kiyama, J. M., Sarubbi., & Benavides, V. (May 2017). The embodiment and enactment of funds of knowledge among university outreach staff. American Educational Research Association. San Antonio, TX.

      Sarubbi, M., Kiyama, J. M., Mariscal, J., & Benavides V. (April 2017). Mobilization of funds of knowledge in Latina/o families: A systems analysis of involvement. American Educational Research Association. San Antonio, TX.

      Kiyama, J. M., Rios-Aguilar, C., Garcia, L-G., Montiel, G. I., & Neri, R. (April 2017). Funds of knowledge in higher education. American Educational Research Association. San Antonio, TX.

  • Recent Invited Presentations

  •   Kiyama, J.M. (January 2018). Keynote Address - Intentionality, Positionality, and Relationality: Connecting theory and research design in humanizing and culturally responsive ways. Higher Educational Leadership Program Winter Doctoral Retreat. Colorado State University. Fort Collins, CO.

      Kiyama, J. M. (August 2017). Keynote Address - Solidarity beyond Strategy; Solidarity as a Moral Imperative. Second Annual Faculty & Staff of Color Luncheon. Colorado College. Colorado Springs, CO.

      Kiyama, J. M. (February 2018). First-generation Students and their Families: Examining Institutional Responsibility during College Access and Transition. Professional development training for the Division fo Student Affairs. Colorado College. Colorado Springs, CO.

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