Judy Marquez Kiyama

Judy Marquez Kiyama

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    • Dr. Judy Marquez Kiyama is an associate professor in the Higher Education department at the University of Denver’s Morgridge College of Education. Dr. Kiyama’s research examines the structures that shape educational opportunities for underserved groups through an asset-based lens to better understand the collective knowledge and resources drawn upon to confront, negotiate, and (re)shape such structures. Her research is organized in three interconnected areas: the role of parents and families; equity and power in educational research; and underserved groups as collective networks of change.

      Dr. Kiyama’s research on role of parents and families represents some of the only work to engage families across multiple educational pathways beginning in K-6 through the transition into college. Latina/o families specifically, constitute a central role in Dr. Kiyama’s research agenda. Her previous research explored the development of educational ideologies and college knowledge in Mexican American families. While at the University of Rochester, Dr. Kiyama partnered with the Ibero-American Action League, a community organization in Rochester, NY to examine the factors that promoted and the barriers that prohibited the successful transition of Latina/o students from the Rochester City School District into higher education.

      Dr. Kiyama’s current projects focus on the high school to college transition experiences of first-generation, and low-income, and families of color and their role in serving as sources of cultural support for their college-aged students. Dr. Kiyama is also partnering with the College Academy for Parents at the University of Arizona to explore how college ideologies and funds of knowledge develop over time for program participants. The recipient of the Association for the Study of Higher Education – Council on Ethnic Participation 2014 Mildred García Junior Exemplary Scholarship Award and named a 2011 Emerging Scholar by the American College Personnel Association, Kiyama’s research has been published in the American Educational Research Journal, the Journal of Higher Education, and the Review of Higher Education.

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      Kiyama, J.M., Museus, S.D., & Vega, B. (2015). Cultivating campus environments to maximize success among Latino and Latina college students. In M. Freeman & M. Martinez (Eds.) College Completion for Latino/a Students: Institutional and System Approaches. New Directions in Higher Education. Jossey-Bass. 2015(172), pp. 29-38.

      Harris, D.M. & Kiyama, J.M. (2015). Making visible the invisible: Latina/o students’ insights about the barriers and resources to high school persistence. In Y. Medina & A.D. Macaya (Eds.) Latinos on the East Coast. A Critical Reader. Peter Lang.

      Guiffrida, D.A., Kiyama J.M., Waterman, S.J, & Museus, S.D. (2012). Moving from cultures of individualism to cultures of collectivism to serve college students of color. In S.D. Museus & U.M. Jayakumar (Eds.) Creating Campus Cultures that Foster Success Among Racially Diverse Student Populations. Routledge.

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      • Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE)
      • National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA)
      • American Educational Research Association (AERA)



  • Selected Refereed Journal Articles

    • Kiyama, J.M, Harris, D.M., & Dache-Gerbino, A. (in press). Fighting for respeto: Latinas’ stories of violence and resistance shaping educational opportunities. Teachers College Record.

      Sapp, V. T., Kiyama, J. M., & Dache-Gerbino, A. (2016). Against all odds: Latinas activate agency to secure access to college. NASPA Journal about Women in Higher Education. 9(1), 39-55.

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  • Recent Scholarly Presentations

    • Saelua, N., Kiyama, J.M., Museus, S., Gonzales, L., Zavala, M., Perez, P., & Cutforth, N. (November 2015). Exploring the power and potential of community-based research to address educational inequality. Association for the Study of Higher Education. Denver, CO.

      Ramos, D., Kiyama, J.M., & Harper, C. (November 2015). Limiting levels of involvement of low-income, first-generation, families of color through Controlling Images. Association for the Study of Higher Education. Denver, CO.

      Kiyama, J.M., Harper, C., Ramos, D., Aguayo, D. & Page, L. (March 2015). Toward inclusive models of engaging diverse parents and families: Rejecting characterizations of hovering, bulldozing, and snowplowing. National Association of Student Personnel Administrators. New Orleans, LA.

      Kiyama, J.M, & Harper, C. (November 2014). Behind the hovering: How “helicopter parenting” has stalled developing inclusive models of higher education family engagement. Association for the Study of Higher Education. Washington, D.C.

  • Recent Invited Presentations

    • Kiyama, J.M., Waterman, S., Carter, D., & Oseguera, L. (November 2015). Presidential Session: Culturally relevant research in higher education. Association for the Study of Higher Education. Denver, CO.

      Museus, S.D., Gildersleeve, R.E., Kiyama, J.M., Rhoades, G., & Blaco, Gerardo. (April 2015). Neoliberalism, Academic Capitalism, and Faculty Crises in Higher Education. American Educational Research Association, Chicago, IL.

      Hallett, R. & Kiyama, J.M. (April 2015). Division J Social Justice Initiative: Parent and Family Presentation to SGA Youth & Family Services. American Educational Research Association, Chicago, IL.

      Harper, C. & Kiyama, J.M. (November 2014). Supporting Family Members of First Generation College Students. National Orientation Directors Association – Pre-Conference Meeting. Orlando, FL.

      Kiyama, J.M. (November 2013). Keynote Address - Creating college opportunity: Families and communities as partners in the college-going process. College Knowledge for Counselors. University of Arizona. Tucson, AZ. 

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