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    I am passionate about GIS and maps: I want to use GIS to tell stories of the world around me; and I want to answer questions about the physical and cultural world today. I’ve been reading maps since I was a child in England. One Easter, before we moved to America, my family was on holiday driving from Spain to France. We were a sight to behold, the five of us, including my 14-year-old self, squashed into a little Renault hatchback chugging along up the Pyrenees as I navigated and gave directions from a road atlas while sitting in the back of the car.  In my family, I am the original backseat driver.

    As a teenager growing up in England, maps were my doorway to places unknown and untraveled. They were a creative spark for my young imagination. Now, I find that maps are more than just doorways to the unknown, they are also pathways to memories: they are a reminder of places travelled; of sights seen; and roads taken. Maps are the link from the past to the present and future.

    I currently live in Virginia, but I have travelled & lived all over the world. Sometime in the not-so-distant future, I hope to continue travelling and exploring the world ...



    "Embrace the pace of your journey"



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