• An Introduction

    My name is Juanita and I am a PhD student at George Mason University (in the Geograpy Department). I'm fascinated by all things related to spaces, places and people; in particular, I enjoy using GIS to describe the world and environment around us (both past and present). My background is in GIS and cartography. I have a MSc in Geographic Information Science from the University of Denver and a BSc in Oceanography from the University of Washington.




  • Coursework


    Courses for PhD in Geography (completed at GMU)

    • GGS 675 Location Science 
    • GGS 656 The Hydrosphere 
    • GGS 533 Sub-Saharan Africa
    • GGS 680 Earth Imagery Processing
    • GGS 689 Seminar in Geographic Thought 
    • GGS 590 Urban Planning 


    Courses for MSc in GIScience (completed at DU)

    • GIS 4101 Introduction to GIS
    • GIS 4504 Cartographic Design
    • GIS 4080 Python Programming
    • GIS 4680 Environmental Applications
    • GIS 4700 Remote Sensing
    • GIS 4570 GIS in Public Health
    • GIS 4200 Geospatial Intelligence
    • GEOG 4020 Geographic Research Methodology
    • GEOG 3140 GIS Database Design
    • GEOG 3150 GIS Project Management
    • GEOG 3000 Advanced Geographic Statistics
    • GEOG 3010 Geographic Information Analysis
    • GEOG 4993 Capstone Project


    See the Gallery of Maps tab for sample maps















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