• Conferences attended

  • "Aging mobilities in the Global South, Mexico City case". Presented at the 2019 American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting. Washington, DC, April, 2019. 


    "Mobility of older adults in Mexico City". Presented at the 2019 Denver University Research and Performance Summit (DURAPS), Denver, CO, May, 2018


    "Evaluating accessibility changes in Mexico’s "Montaña de Guerrero” rural region". Presented at the 2018 American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting. New Orleans, Louisiana, April, 2018. 


    "Accessibility and socio-economic development in Mexico’s “Montaña de Guerrero” region: A critical evaluation". Presented at the 14th NECTAR International Conference: Transport in a networked society. Madrid, Spain. June, 2017.


    “A Spatial Analysis of the Traffic Accidents in the México – Tijuana Highway Corridor in 2008”. Presented at the XXI National Geography Congress. Monterrey, Mexico. October, 2014.

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