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  • Jenna Talbott, MA
    Jenna Talbott, MA
  • Born and raised on the Western Slope, I'm a Colorado Native through and through. The mountains are in my blood. I hail from New Castle, a little town near Glenwood Springs. Growing up I went to a private school two days a week and was homeschooled the rest of the week. This allowed plenty of time for hiking, skiing, climbing, snowboarding, camping, snowmobiling, and general adventuring. I also enjoy writing, reading, listening to music (especially live shows), eating, and sleeping (which is, unfortunately, rare these days).

    I attended Colorado Mountain College (Spring Valley campus), and earned my Associate of Arts in 2012. I then traveled to the mystical land of "Virginia" to work on my Bachelor of Science at Liberty University. Although the mountains there were strange and the forests thicker, I grew to love the Blue Ridge, James River country in its own unique way. I survived the next two years and eventually acquired my degree in Psychology in spring 2014.

    During the following summer I encountered entirely new territory in the form of a true city: Washington, D.C. I was accepted for an internship with the United States Marshals Service National Sex Offender Targeting Center. Although an urban setting is not my natural habitat, I enjoyed my summer immensely. I lived on Capitol Hill, visited all the museums and many less-traveled attractions, and met amazing people. However, it was a relief to return to my homeland.

    In fall 2014 I moved to Denver and began studying Forensic Pscyhology at the University of Denver's Graduate School of Professional Psychology. In the course of my studies I completed two internships. During my first year in the program I worked as a Deputy Probation Officer with the Sex Offender and Domestic Violence Unit of Denver Adult Probation, and also tried my hand at completing a few reports for the Presentence Investigation Unit. During my second year I worked at the Federal Correctional Institute in Englewood, providing group and individual therapy to the inmates in the Residential Drug and Alcohol Program and Sex Offender Treatment Program at the prison, as well as assisting in the completion of forensic assessments at the jail.

    After graduating from the program in spring 2016 and receiving my Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology, I took a year off to travel and spend time with family. I am currently looking for my next adventure!

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  • Email: jennamtalbott@gmail.com

    LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jennatalbott

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  • Honors Program Senior Honors Thesis

    Traits of Individuals Who Have Siblings with Disabilities (2013-2014)

    • Conceptualized and proposed research investigating possible beneficial traits resulting from exposure to a sibling with a disability
    • Researched thoroughly the existing body of literature on the subject
    • Modified selected measures to evaluate participant demographics, empathy and compassion
    • Applied for IRB approval and gained permission to conduct research after several revisions
    • Conducted statistical and qualitative analyses on the data collected using an online survey
    • Described the extant literature, the methods of the study, the results and the implications in 58 page thesis
  • Daniels Research Program

    Text Messaging and Emotional Communication (2013-2014)

    • Worked with a team to investigate the accuracy of same-gender and cross-gender identification of emotion and emotional intensity in participant-generated text messages
    • Collaborated during the planning stages and assisted in selection of methods
    • Conducted experimental sessions with participants with accuracy and professionalism
    • Contributed to the discussion of the collected data and resulting conclusions
    • Presented our findings at the Virginia Psychological Association’s Conference in April 2014
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