• The Opportunity Initiative
    The Opportunity Initiative

    The Opportunity Initiative works to increase access to empowerment and enrichment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. We hope to narrow the gap between resources that are available to non-disabled children and children with disabilities, especially those in low-income families. Through engagement in activities and mentorship programs, we will build strong, lasting relationships with this population. In congruence with developing social fabric, we are connecting children with organizations that specialize in therapeutic recreation and enrichment activities. This will allow children to foster their true identities and untapped potential in avenues unmatched by any other program.

    Our program partners with organizations like the Special Olympics of Colorado, Access Gallery, and Outdoor Buddies to further expand opportunities for children with disabilities. We mentor students in special education programs in Denver Public Schools and take these children on field trips to the sites of these stakeholders. Participating in immersion activities will help these children realize that leisure and genuine fun is not limited to their non-disabled peers.

    It is the public’s responsibility to support youth with disabilities and make empowerment opportunities more available so that all members of the community can thrive. Providing children with disabilities with the opportunity and guidance they need requires an extraordinary level of commitment, but the reward of seeing a child thrive is priceless. Only by investing in these children will we reach a level of cohesivity in our community that is transformational for all of its members.

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  • Serve to Lead
    Serve to Lead

    I volunteer at Craig Hospital every week where I work with spinal cord injury victims on recovery and mobility. I assist Physical Therapists with their patients and maintain the facility as needed. This trememdous opportunity from my Serve-to-Lead project has been humbling and informative. I plan on continuing to volunteer at Craig for as long as I am of assistance.

  • Special Olympics of Colorado
    Special Olympics of Colorado

    For my Bat-Mitzvah project, I worked with toddlers with physical and mental disabilities on basic coordination skills like running, jumping, and throwing. After three years of committing my Friday nights to that class, I transitioned into the Special Olympics Aquatics program where I taught 10-14 year old kids how to swim. The majority of these kids had mental handicaps such as down syndrome, autism, and asbergers and required a tremendous amount of patience and trust in order to progress. I volunteered for the Special Olympics of Colorado for a total of six years.

  • Community Leadership Application Project
    Community Leadership Application Project

    Our goal was to promote the value of higher education to students in local high schools in Denver. We believe that most of the nation’s wicked problems would improve with a more educated, informed, and worldly youth. We think this appreciation for knowledge can start as early as sophomore year which is why this demographic is our focus group.

    My group members and I conducted an informational panel/discussion with students from Thoms Jefferson High School about their post-high school goals and aspirations. The students now use us as resources and peer mentors for their college-decision making process.

    Since education is the foundation for individual and communal success, we hope by speaking with these kids and sharing our perspective we elevated future generations to become active, intellectual members of society. We hope to continue working with these kids and conducting informational panels in the future.



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