• My fascination with human health and behavior started to manifest when I worked as a Red-Cross Certified babysitter in 2009. I quickly transferred into a more health-oriented field and earned my Red-Cross certification as a Lifeguard. I was employed as a lifeguard for the Highlands Ranch Community Association from 2013 to 2015. During that time, I interned at the Steadman Hawkins Sports Performance Facility in Denver (currently known as Landow Performance), where I shadowed world-class personal trainers as they worked with elite athletes. This internship is on-going, and I am entering my fifth summer with the clinic. This internship opened a tremedous amount of opportunity for me in the sports coaching world: I was hired as the dryland strength and conditioning coach for a summer league swim  team (HRCA Seahawks) in 2016, individually trained numerous clients, worked as a youth swimming instructor, and now am employed at the Ritchie center as a youth gymnastics coach. My job and internship experience has guided my decision to pursue human health as a professional career.

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