• Athletics

  • I pride myself on my ability to maintain a healthy balance between academia and athletics, which my parents ingrained in me at a very young age. I participated in a multitude of competitive sports in my youth including triathlon, dance, and swimming, but I committed the majority of my extracurriculur time to the sport of gymnastics. For fourteen years, I competed as a Junior Olympic Gymnast and procured an abundance of state champion titles. When my gymnastics career ended due to debilitating shoulder and ankle injuries, I transitioned into springboard diving. I declined the opportunity to dive as a Division I athlete for DU because I wanted to focus more of my energy into schoolwork and diversify my hobbies. Nevertheless, athletics continue to be an integral part of my day to day life. I now pursue Bikram yoga, olympic weight lifting, and snowboarding in my free time.

  • Art

  • I am an avid sketcher and have been selling my art for over ten years through mine and my brother's business, Hayutin Heartfelt Creations (www.ilanart.hayutin.org). Art is my meditative therapy, but I also use my sketches as inspiration for social change and self-reflection. As a concentration in 2016, I examined the impact of musical figures of the 1960s on their environment. They brought light and hope to a time of social and political turmoil with their music, just as I hope to do with my art.

  • On-Campus Involvement

  • I am an officer in charge of fundraising for the DU Alpine Club, and I am tremendously lucky to be part of a community that appreciates one another just as much as they appreciate the environment. I am also involved with Hillel and Chabad, and I attend Shabbat dinner with my Jewish community almost every Friday night. We celebrate diversity and Jewish culture, which is an integral aspect of my identity. 

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