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  • Pioneer Leadership Program

    One of 66 members in the Class of 2018's Pioneer Leadership Program (PLP)! This is a living and learning community at DU where students must follow a specific curriculum, in addition to 40 community service hours their first year and a Community Change Initiative during their second year. The students will result in a minor in leadership, an incredible new outlook on the world, and great experience to enter the work world. This is an incredible program that has already taught me the importance in modeling the way, inspiring a shared vision, challenging the process enabling others to act, and encouraging the heart (Kouzes & Posner's The Leadership Challenge). 


    Honors Program

    The Honors Program is a selective program at DU that accepts top students and provides smaller, more seminar-focused class opportunities. This program has not only provided me with great learning opportunities, but fantastic advising, internship/volunteer opportunities, and fun events with the other members. My honors classes thus far have been benefially challenging and have inspired friendships with other students who are as passionate about their education as I am.


    The Iota Xi Chapter of Alpha Phi

    Being apart of Greek Life at DU has been unlike anything I expected it to be. Alpha Phi prides itself in our 4 pillars: sisterhood, scholarship, leadership & philanthropy. All of these have been incredible aspects to my DU experience in the following ways,

    Sisterhood: Not only has this chapter given me a supportive group of friends, but it has also introduced me to many other students who are also involved in Greek Life on campus through panhellic events. I now have girls I can look up to, connect with, study with, and journey with, all with different backgrounds, perspectives, personalities, and interests.

    Scholarship: Alpha Phi promotes good scholarship constantly. It has provided me with organized study events, weekly study rooms in the library, an incredible academic advisor, and even a friendly competition between classes to get As. I have met older girls in my sorority with similar interests as me who have been able to help me out with choosing the best path towards success as I continue towards graduation. Not meeting academic requirements result in probation in the sorority, so I can be sure my sisters are working hard to do well in school.

    Leadership: Leadership is emphasized in Alpha Phi in many ways. All members of the chapter are encouraged to hold officer positions and to help out in any event they can. My role as Study Abroad Chair has taught me to work with older girls, manage data, create helpful guides, and learn about what the future has to offer. We also recieved CPR training in support of Take Heart Take Part, a national Alpha Phi program that.

     Philanthropy: Alpha Phi requires all members to do a minimum of 5 service hours per quarter. There are many volunteer opportunities for many members of the sorority to volunteer together to help our community. In addition, we spend a lot of time and effort raising money for the Alpha Phi Foundation, which supports women's heart health. We do this through events such as the Red Dress Gala, Candy Crush, and Move Your Phi't. Our own members plan, run, and monitor these events ourselves and our chapter alone has raised over $21,000 so far just this year in support of the Alpha Phi Foundation.



    Other ActivitiesDU Programming Board, Freshmen Orientation Leader, Club Kayaking, Recruitment Guide, Alpine Club


    My Personal Leadership Statement is attached below. Take a look!

  • DU
  • Maine South High School

  • We The People Constitution Team

    I competed with four peers on a unit focused specifically on the United States government in a stimulated congressional hearing competition. The competition was based on our knowledge of the constitution and required hours of preparation, research, and practice. The competition was constructed of a five minute prepared speech followed by six minutes of free response questions asked by the judges and responded by our panel with references to the consitution, court cases, past historical events, Federalist Paper quotes, historical figures, current events, and books on that topic. During finals at nationals in Washington DC, the free response time was increased to 11 minutes per day. We got to compete in the Rayburns House of Representatives building on Capitol Hill. It was by far the most incredible experience of my life.


    Top Placements & Awards:

    We The People Illinois State-1st place (2013)

    We The People Nationals Semis-Top Ten (2014)

    We The People Nationals Finals-8th place (2014)



    Varsity Hawkette Dance Team Captain

    I was part of the Maine South Hawkettes for all four years of high school. We were a competitive and performance dance team who specialized in the styles: high kick, pom, jazz, and hip hop. We performed before and at half time of all home football games to a live marching band, danced in the Homecoming parade, performed at varsity football games, participated in local community service, competed in both IHSA and Universal Dance Association (UDA) competitions, attended and competed annually at a week long overnight UDA summer camp, and competed in both IHSA State and the National Dance Team Championship. As captain my junior and senior year, I helped choreograph routines, pick out costumes, worked one on one with our coach, led captain practices, judged alternate tryouts, motivated the team, made necessary changes, coordinated team bonding activities, and put together the yearly spirit book. 

    Top Placements & Awards:

    National Dance Team Championship high kick division-3rd place(2014)

    UDA All-American Dancer (2014)

    Drill Down Queen (2014)

    National Dance Team Championship high kick division-6th place (2013)

    National Dance Team Championship large pom division-12th place (2013)

    Illinois High School Association State Competition-1st place (2013)

    American School Spirit Award (2013) --highlighted on ESPN for our outstanding community service!

    Dril Down Queen (2013)

    National Dance Team Champtionship high kick division-4th place (2012)

    National Dance Team Championship large jazz division-18th place (2012)


    Other Activities: Physical Education Leader, National Honor Society, Varsity Club President, Class Council, Junior Class Secretary, Hawk Pride Leader, Spanish Club Secretary, Italian Club, Math Team

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