• Step Up Uganda

  • Step Up Uganda
  • Hanna also was a key member in the development of a sewing school in Uganda. The program teaches young girls business skills, sewing skills and how to be independent, empowered women in there community. The sowing school has grown within the past two years and Hanna is still very much involved in the program.

  • Cheley Colorado Camps

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  • Cheley Colorado Camps has a program called CILT, Counselor in Leadership training. The CILT program is very selective and a incredible opportunity. It is a four week program where students from all over the world to Estes Park to develop their leadership skills in the beautiful mountains of Colorado.

  • Planet Bluegrass

  • Hanna worked as an intern for Planet Bluegrass at the telluride Bluegrass Festival and the 3 festivals in Lyons, Colorado. Hanna now works for Planet Bluegrass with artist relations.

  • USG

  • Under Graduate Student Government

    Hanna was recently elected as Junior Student Representative at the University of Denver. She was also elected to work with Title nine as the Universitiy of Denver Under Gradute Sexual Assult representative.

  • Pretty Lights

  • Hanna was recently hired to work for Pretty Lights doing Hospitality at there concerts in Colorado

  • Action In Africa

  • Hanna with her special friend Daisy in Uganda
    Hanna with her special friend Daisy in Uganda
  • Action In Africa is a small nonprofit that colaborates with people in Uganda to Educate their youth and to empower the the community. Hanna traveled to Uganda 3 years ago and fell in love with the nonprofit. She met a little girl named Olivia who inspired her passion for empowering young girls and women. Hanna is now the president for women empowerment at Action In Africa. She has helped start a sewing schoo and is a advocate for women and young girls in Uganda.

  • Inspyre Boutique

  • Hanna works as an intern and a stylist at Inspyre. She is working on creating a project to connect DU girls and the store. 

  • Children Hospital

  • Hanna is a avid volenteer with Childrens Hospital working on the oncology floor. She hopes to one day become even more involved in the organization.

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