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  • Welcome!

  • On behalf of the Morgridge College of Education, I am pleased to welcome you to our Gifted Education Policy Symposium and Conference portfolio page,  presented by the Office of the Daniel L. Ritchie Endowed Chair in Gifted Education.

    Designed for teacher leaders, building and district leaders, researchers, parents, mental health professionals, and education service providers, the conference is intended to provide specific topical information about selected areas in gifted education.  We are happy to provide an opportunity for participants to interact collaboratively, recognize accomplishments and begin implementation of actions to impact our future.

    Our dynamic and informative Symposium and Conference focuses on both leading-edge research advances and practical classroom strategies.  We have had the pleasure to welcome past Palmarium winners, Named Endowed Chairs in Gifted Education, and other leaders in the field from across the country as our featured speakers. 

    We hope that you have joined us previously or will consider joining us in the future to learn theory and practical strategies to improve your own work in gifted education. In the meantime, please explore the content on this site. Please know that all content is owned by the individual author/presenter unless otherwise expressly communicated. Thank you! 


    Norma Lu Hafenstein, Ph.D.
    Daniel L. Ritchie Endowed Chair in Gifted Education
    Clinical Professor, Curriculum & Instruction
    Morgridge College of Education
    University of Denver


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