• General Student Resources

  • Campus Safety
    Non-Emergencies: 303-871-2334
    Emergencies: 911 first then 303-871-3000

    • In event of emergency, TTY users should call 911 directly


    My SSP (My Student Support Program)
    It's okay to ask for help.  Contact us for 24/7 real-time support via text, phone, app, or internet. My SSP has counselors available who speak Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Arabic, French, and English.  

    • Inside the US: 866-743-7732 | Internationally: 001-416-380-6578 | Website: us.myissp.com
    • Download the free My SSP app today from your device's app store to get started | My SSP app guide


    CAPE (Center for Advocacy, Prevention, Empowerment)
    Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence and Promoting Healthy Relationships

    • 303-871-3853  |  cape@du.edu
    • 24/7 Helpline: 303-871-3456 (Fall, Winter, Spring quarters)

    SOS (Student Outreach and Support)
    Helps students succeed by connecting them to resources, developing a plan of action to meet their goals, and navigating challenging situations. Staff, faculty, and students can submit a referral or reach out directly for connection.


    Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX
    The Office, in collaboration with University partners, works to build and maintain a safe, gender equitable environment for students, faculty and staff in all aspects of educational programming and employment.


    DSP (Disability Services)
    DSP is dedicated to giving students with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in the University’s programs, courses and activities.


    Veteran Services
    Guided by the knowledge that Veterans offer a unique academic and social quality to the University of Denver, the Veterans Services Office vision and mission is to support our Veterans through exceptional programming.


    GSSW Student Emergency Fund
    Eligibility requirements and the link for the application can be found at the above link.

  • Comprehensive Student Leave of Absence Guide - All GSSW Programs

    Step-by-Step Withdrawal and Leave of Absence Process  

    Planning for a leave:

    *Please review the linked student guides above* In order to prepare appropriately for a leave of absence from DU/GSSW, students are encouraged to ensure that all implications are considered in advance. Students are also encouraged to reach out to their respective financial aid contact, listed below, to discuss any part-time academic planning with their designated advisor(s). Additional considerations are listed below. 

    • Withdrawal considerationsReview the DU Registrar’s Withdrawal From DU site, the Graduate Bulletin’s Student Withdrawal from the University, and Things to Consider Prior to Withdrawing resources. 
    • Denver, Four Corners, and Western Colorado Merit Aid Contact: Victoria Veres, Associate Director of Enrollment and Financial Aid at 303-871-2779 or Victoria.Veres@du.edu
    • Denver, Four Corners, and Western Colorado Federal Financial Aid: The University of Denver Central Office of Financial Aid at finaid@du.edu or 303-871-4020.
    • MSW@Denver Merit and Federal Aid Contact: The University of Denver Central Office of Financial Aid at onlinefinaid@du.edu, finaid@du.edu or 303-871-4020.
    • Are you in a field internship? If so, please consult with your Field Liasion prior to withdrawing from field internship to discuss the best way to approach a leave with your agency. If you withdraw from field credits during a term, you may risk loosing your field hours for that term. Students cannot take a leave of absence and continue in field internship, as a leave of absence is a full withdrawal from a current or future term.  
    • Are you thinking about taking a leave while in the middle or end of a term? Have you considered the option of Incompletes or a combination of course drops and Incompletes to finish the term? This option requires meeting the eligibility criteria established by DU and instructor discretion for each individual course. It is the student’s responsibility to initiate these conversations and to be aware of the all DU deadlines and withdrawal timelines (e.g. Academic, Registration, and Billing Calendar and GSSW Student Resource Portal - Registrar Calendars). 
    • Questions? Please reach out to your Student Support Advisor, Faculty Advisor, or GSSW.Advising@du.edu.

    Types of Leaves and Processes:

    Personal Leave of Absence Policy: A graduate student may withdraw from the University temporarily or permanently for non-medical reasons. Students do not need to meet eligibility criteria for this type of leave. A personal leave does not “stop the clock” on the Time Limit for Completion of the DegreeStudents apply for this leave through PioneerWeb (see the process outlined below) and requests are processed through the DU Registrar. 

    Medical Leave of Absence and Medical Reentry PoliciesA medical leave of absence may be requested for serious mental and/or physical conditions that prevent a student from functioning successfully or safely as a member of the University community. This leave is managed through the DU Office of Student Outreach and Support, 303-871-4724. Students should review the policy linked above, which lists steps, qualifications, and medical documentation requirements. The mandatory application can be found here: Application for Medical Leave of Absence. As a reminder, students do not send this application or any medical documentation to the Graduate School of Social Work; instead students seeking a medical leave must work directly with the DU Office of Student Outreach and Support. A medical leave does “stop the clock” on the Time Limit for Completion of the Degree 

    Withdrawing and taking a leaveStudents that intend to take a leave for a future term must not register during the term in questionStudents who are currently enrolled during the quarter in which they intend to begin a leave of absence must first withdraw officially from all courses before proceeding. Students who fail to withdraw may be liable for full tuition and fee charges, and a failing grade may be recorded for every course for which the student is registered. Per DU policy, students must receive written approval from instructors to withdraw from their given course(s), if required per established deadlines, and send this documentation to the GSSW Registrar (gsswregistrar@du.edu) within the stipulated timelinesImportant dates for add/drop, instructor drop approval dates, tuition refund percentages, and registration can be found at DU Registrar Academic, Registration, and Billing Calendar and the GSSW Student Resource Portal - Registrar Calendars. 

    • To withdraw and submit a leave request: Students can complete withdraw and leave of absence requests via PioneerWeb > MyWeb > Student > Registration > Withdraw from DUDuring the withdraw process, you will be prompted to provide additional information for the leave as applicable. A step-by-step guide for withdrawing and requesting leave can be found linked above.

    For additional guidance and support through this process, please contact GSSW Advising at GSSW.Advising@du.edu.

    Email at DU (Outlook through Office 365)

    IT Support

    Microsoft Office 356 (student access)

    Zoom Video Conferencing



    Canvas Support Hotline: 1-855-712-9770

    Technical Support for MSW@Denver: 855-840-5129  

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